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As a public-school teacher, with over 25 years of helping children and families in the State of Iowa, I was perplexed year after year when a few of my students struggled with the content I was delivering. I knew they were capable and “smart,” I knew their parents were working with them and nurturing them, and I knew I and the other professionals that ultimately got involved were delivering information based on research and best practices. So, it was puzzling to see them unable to perform at the same level as their peers.

Then I discovered cognitive development, through a company called LearningRx, and operated a franchise for many years in the Des Moines Metro Area. During this time, I discovered why learners of any age struggle, and, more importantly, why they don’t have to!

Still associated with LearningRx, but in a new capacity, Metro Learning Solutions is able to take relevant research and provide it to families in the Metro Des Moines, Iowa area.

We invite you to explore the following pages to learn more about how cognitive development might be just the solution you or a loved one needs to be successful in school and/or life.


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