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Dyslexia and Education

“Dyslexic kids still have to navigate a school system that isn’t set up for neuro-diversity.”  (from Cat Rodie, Code Read Dyslexia Network) Every year students diagnosed or suspected of having dyslexia enter a school system that is not set up to educate them.  Worse yet, when the student does begin to fall behind, their educational…

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BRAIN TRAINING IMPROVED ATTENTION BY 24 POINTS A long-term study published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry found that extended use of stimulant medication was linked to suppressed adult height but did not reduce symptoms of ADHD. Tanya Mitchell, Chief Research Officer for LearningRx (, Metro Learning Solution’s parent company, says that parents who are…

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Back to school Tips for Parents of Kids and Teens with ADHD

For the parents of children with attention struggles, September can bring a host of anxiety for the entire family. Children and teens with ADHD may struggle with homework, test-taking, making friends, grades and even behaving in the classroom. All of these things can impact confidence and even with medication, the struggles can still be overwhelming.…

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