While all individuals are unique, and certain symptoms are more crucial at specific ages, nevertheless, there are some commonalities that indicate ADHD may be an issue for you or your child. 

If you respond to a significant number of these (six or more), an evaluation from a professional may be indicated. 


Check any of the symptoms you are observing in you or your child

My child (or myself):

_____ has difficulty completing chores because he misses steps, forgets instructions, or rushes through.

_____ completes task/homework quickly with questionable results

_____forgets to bring home the necessary items to complete homework (assignment directions, book, worksheet, etc.)

_____forgets how to do the homework

_____”flits” from one activity to another, rarely spending any time on a single activity

_____is hyperfocused on an activity of interest and has difficulty setting it aside.

_____has difficulty working on long range projects or assignments (essays, book reports, etc)

_____needs lot of redirection to get back on task.

_____has difficulty following multi-step directions

_____easily loses focus and is easily distracted from the task at hand

_____is distracted at school and needs lots of reminders to return to the task at hand.

_____has many incomplete school assignments

_____has difficulty organizing their day to day (room, backpack, desk, locker, etc.)

_____has difficulty making and keeping friends

_____seems to be unmotivated and puts off doing chores and homework

_____has trouble handling frustrations in an age appropriate manner

_____has difficulty following through with instruction

_____has difficulty sustaining attention on tasks that are not of extreme interest

_____appears to not be listening

_____ is reluctant to begin homework

_____argues about homework (getting started and/or completing) 

_____argues with authority figures

_____loses things necessary for life or school (shoes, backpack, notes, pencil, etc.)

_____is more active and fidgety than peers

_____has difficulty remaining seated

_____has difficulty maintaining interest and participating in “quiet” tasks

_____talks excessively

_____has difficulty waiting for his/her turn; blurts out answers

_____interrupts others


Reminder:  If there is a score of 6 or higher, it is an indication that ADHD/Executive Function may be an issue and further testing is indicated.

Call our office to ask about testing.


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