Back to school Tips for Parents of Kids and Teens with ADHD

For the parents of children with attention struggles, September can bring a host of anxiety for the entire family. Children and teens with ADHD may struggle with homework, test-taking, making friends, grades and even behaving in the classroom.

All of these things can impact confidence and even with medication, the struggles can still be overwhelming. If you’re looking to address the root cause of attention struggles, we encourage you to research LearningRx (the parent company of Metro Learning Solutions) personal brain training.

 ADHD is the most diagnosed disorder among clients that come seek brain training and we’ve got decades of research behind our programs that target and train attention struggles, as well as other weak cognitive skills in the ADHD cluster.

 To get started, just call Metro Learning Solutions (515-523-0980) to schedule a cognitive skills assessment. In the meantime, check out this story from ABC News offering tips to the parents of kids and teens with ADHD.

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