It’s good to have a standing night of the week where you can be together as a family.  You have seven choices; choose the night of the week that works for your family.  While Friday or Saturday is the most common night, it might be another night for your family.  

If you don’t yet have a family night, consider starting the tradition.  One night a week, put away phones, grab some snacks and a few fun games and gather ‘round the table for some games or activities. 

Make it simple – you certainly don’t need one more thing to plan!  Each family member can choose a snack, substituting those for dinner (parents, too, get a choice, so there can be something healthy!).  Rotate who gets to choose the game to play, so no arguing about that.  The last 5 minutes can be a “clean up” challenge – set the timer, and everybody helps!

The games, of course, will vary depending on the age of your kiddoes, but here’s a link to get you started.


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