Just like with health decisions, so, too, the brain is either getting better or worse depending on how it’s being treated day to day. 

We know from research that our brains peak at earl to mid 30s and after that, cognitive decline is a real issues.  The decline is slow, and for many of us, the fact that we learn as we go through our lives and our careers may make it seem that we are getting sharper, but that is typically not the case. 

There are ways to slow the inevitable cognitive decline associated with aging and here are some tips:

  • Go for a daily walk or engage in another exercise that you enjoy.
  • Keep your body and brain hydrated.
  • Follow a good, healthy diet.  Whatever you ingest is going to affect your brain.  Avoid processed foods, sodas (even diet), etc. 
  • Destress as much as possible.  Resurrect an old hobby or engage in a relaxing activity can help bring you some peace. 
  • Challenge your brain daily:  exercise your brain through cognitive development training.  If that doesn’t sound like it’s for you, find some brain puzzles (many apps are now available!) and devote some time to them every day.  Hint:  it’s okay to continue to do the games you like doing, but it’s better if you spend time doing the ones you’re not so good at! 

As always, if you have any questions about cognitive development, please call Metro Learning Solutions. 


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