Slow Processing: What About Home Schooling?


Only you know whether or not home schooling is a viable option for your child and your family.  It depends on you, the parent, and how dedicated you are to educating your child.  It depends on your relationship with your child and it depends on your schedule.

The problems associated with slow processing will still be there, so don’t expect them to be different in a home school environment. 

However, if you, as the instructor, only need to focus on one child, you can be more flexible, so that is a plus. 

If you don’t choose to seek cognitive development to help speed up your child’s processing ability, then your goal should be to help them successfully navigate the learning environment in the most positive way possible.  That can be in a public education setting with accommodations as necessary, or in a home school setting where you are more able to control the pace of the information. 

They will eventually find an environment that suits them.  Look at all the dreamers, inventors, etc., that have been successful as adults, but struggled in a formal learning environment.  Your child can be successful also! 

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