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Red Flag Phrases at Parent/Teacher Conferences

As a parent, how do you know which struggles or behaviors are just a “normal” part of the learning process vs. an indication that there’s a deeper issue? One way is to listen to cues from the teacher at your next parent-teacher conference. Some key phrases can serve as red flags that a cognitive skills…

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Preventing Middle School Nightmares: Trauma-Free Transition Tips

P Does the thought of sending your child off to middle school make you anxious? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many adults have middle school memories of social awkwardness, hormonal upheaval, and the added pressure of more responsibilities with a growing need for more independence. Now think of your child experiencing these same anxieties!…

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Why Brain Training?

(Cognitive Development) In January of 2009, the parent company of Metro Learning Solutions, LearningRx, was a new entity.  After spending 25+ years compiling results and refining their cognitive development program, it was clear that the results were robust and LearningRx opened their model for franchising. A center opened in Minneapolis and that is where this…

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