"Good Morning! It’s Olivia.

Hey, I’ve been meaning to call you for a couple of weeks and just tell you that Megan had a great first Parent-Teacher conference and her scores were so much improved.

In fact, her reading teacher for extra reading from last year was almost in tears when she talked to us about her improved reading ability!

So I just want to tell you I’ve sung your praises all over town. I hope it comes back to you and that you get more business from that because you really have helped Megan in the way that she needed.

I’m so happy we’re having a great year in third grade and I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU and we’re so happy we chose Metro Learning Solutions (previously LearningRx). Have a great day!"

- Megan's Mom

"Cody & I have both noticed his long division work has become easier, or not so "labor intensive." Possibly his memory - short term - has shown an increase in remembering the steps in long division, remembering instructions on assignments or chores. Seems able to focus on the math problems better and focus on a task at hand. Also, neater handwriting than before! "

- Cynthia, Cody’s mom

"Cognitive function is the core performance criteria I value as a Physician. After brain surgery, I was apprehensive about my recovery. I have found significant improvement in professional and personal performance during my time working with the Learning RX program. As a whole, the group (trainers) here exhibited a high degree of professionalism; however, the positive approach manifested in the sessions did more than just improve my cognitive ability, it helped to increase my own positive approach in life. Kudo's to the program."

- Local Physician

"Nathan's self-confidence and his school work have improved greatly. Before Learning Rx he had missing assignments and poor test grades. After Learning Rx he has had no missing assignments and his grades have improved greatly."

- Nathan’s Mom

"We have used this service several times, but my son just completed it. And when he started he was multiple levels (almost a full grade level) behind on his reading. Now he is almost caught up with his class. His spelling has improved."

- Terri

"We were very surprised at the amount of progress our daughter made in a short amount of time. The people we worked with were amazing! It was worth every penny to see her confidence skyrocket especially after years of struggling through school and feeling unheard. We are looking forward to continuing with Learning Rx and watching our daughter grow and continue to succeed."

- Theresa, mom of Graduate

"Micah can now process information and stay focused at school like never before. This program is AMAZING!"

- Tom and Deanna


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