After Complaints about Memory and Focus, Man Shows Great Improvement Following One-on-One Brain Training

Although this individual is not a client of Metro Learning Solutions, he is affiliated with a center from the parent company, LearningRx.  Read about how brain training (cognitive development) turned this gentleman’s life around following a traumatic brain injury.

On September 3, 2008, Jim Nelson was riding his bicycle on a path just north of Colorado Springs when things went horribly wrong. He careened into a four-foot-deep asphalt sinkhole while traveling approximately 25 miles per hour. Jim was violently thrown from his bike, smashing his head and face into the pavement. Jim laid there unconscious and helpless for over 14 hours. He wasn’t discovered until the next day and went into a coma for a week.

Jim’s accident left him with a broken jaw and seven broken teeth. He suffered permanent disfigurement to his face and his right eye. And while recovery from those injuries was difficult, what was even more challenging for Jim were the severe traumatic brain injuries he suffered. They left him unable to think, walk or talk. At that time, he was unable to work or provide for his family. 

Overcoming his injuries took years, and while Jim was doing better physically, he was still experiencing roadblocks in his brain. That’s when he decided to enroll in a LearningRx brain training program, an innovative cognitive intervention that trains the brain and helped Jim improve his ability to think, read, and re-learn cognitive skills fundamental to his everyday life. LearningRx‘s world headquarters is based in Colorado Springs.

It took just 70 hours of training at LearningRx to greatly improve Jim’s cognitive skills including memory, reasoning, and focus. Since that training, Jim has retained 99% of the gains he worked so hard to achieve.

“Since I finished the therapy, I’m able to go back to work for the company that couldn’t bring me back before,” Jim said. “Now, I have the mental ability to work out problems again. I would highly recommend LearningRx to anyone with a traumatic brain injury because it’s a great way to get your brain back.” 

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