Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Reviews Brain Training Results

Even though he was wearing a helmet, Drew was in a bike accident and suffered a serious traumatic brain injury. After a month-long coma, his long recovery included a long hospital stay, physical and occupational therapies. 

He and his wife, Emily, sought brain training to help with the cognitive deficiencies he was left with following his accident and recovery.  In addition to his decreased cognitive ability, his chief concerns were his memory and attention, his ability to focus and stick with a task until finished.  They were both concerned that he would not be able to continue/go back to school to reach his life goals.  He is now planning on helping others who have suffered traumatic brain injuries rebuild their lives. 

He did, indeed, realize results in the areas he was most concerned about.  However, both he and his wife also see increased success in social interactions, his ability to follow and participate in conversations, start and finish a task in a timely manner, do multiple things in a row and remembering all the things he is responsible for.  He credits his increased recall speed, his increased problem-solving ability, his memory and his increased confidence to the brain training program in which he participated.

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