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Why is Learning/Life difficult?

To be successful learners, kids need two things:  Quality instruction, which schools are tasked with providing.  Schools are vigilant in providing quality instruction at the appropriate time and educators engage in best practices to ensure that information and delivery is of the highest quality. 

The second thing successful learners need addresses the skills the brain uses to think, read, remember, learn and pay attention.  Called brain skills (or cognitive skills), they are necessary for efficient learning.  Most kids develop these skills naturally (a 10-year old has a better memory than a 5-year old, for example).  But for one in five kids, that development doesn’t happen at the same rate as their peers. Since schools are not tasked with developing these skills, what does that mean for the 20% that don’t develop at the same rate as their peers?  It means that they work harder to learn the same, or less, than their peers.  It means that they may feel inferior to their peers.  It means that they may give up more easily and they may come to believe  that they are not as capable as their peers.  It means frustration, poor academic performance, tear-filled nights, and homework battles.

Many struggles (80%!) with learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills. At Metro Learning Solutions, we identify weak skills, then we target and train those skills in a fun, challenging way. When cognitive skills are strong, learning is easier.

How are we Different than Tutoring?

Tutoring and cognitive development are two very different solutions to learning struggles. From kindergarten to grad school, students periodically struggle because of one of two problems. Tutoring solves one type of problem, cognitive development solves the other.

Sometimes tutoring is just what is needed to help your student succeed. If that is the case, Metro Learning Solutions will tell you that. Tutoring might be the intervention necessary if:

  • Your child has missed school instruction because of a prolonged illness
  • You have switched school districts and the new one is a more rigorous district
  • The struggles are due to poor presentation of information
  • Your child shows a special gift or passion in a particular area and you want them to experience that area at an advanced level
  • They are having difficulty in one, more advanced area; for example, they have always performed well in math but are having difficulty with a higher, college level class while still in high school.


Cognitive Development is the intervention necessary if your child:

  • Has been tutored in a subject but is still behind their peers
  • Is struggling in more than one area
  • Dislikes or struggles with reading
  • Takes a long time doing homework with questionable results
  • Has chronically struggled with tests
  • Has to work harder or longer than their peers to achieve good grades.
  • Says he/she feels stupid, can’t succeed, or isn’t as smart as other kids.

What are the symptoms of weak cognitive skills?

The cognitive skills that are used in learning and life are: memory (both working and long term), visual processing, auditory processing, processing speed, logic and reasoning and word attack.

Here is a chart with additional information.


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