What is Brain Training?

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Cognitive development training, or brain training, targets and strengthens weak cognitive skills through mental exercises performed through one-on-one coaching with a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. Cognitive skills work together like cogs in a machine to move incoming information into our learned knowledge bank. Just one weak cognitive skill can make it difficult for the brain to grasp and retain information regardless of how many times that information is taught or explained by a teacher, tutor, or parent.


Why is Learning Difficult?

To be a successful learner, you need two things:

  • Quality instructions. It is the task of schools to provide this.
  • Strong cognitive skills to process that content easily and efficiently.  Called brain skills, (cognitive skills), they are necessary for efficient learning.  They are the skills the brain uses to read, remember, think, learn and pay attention. 

Most kids develop these skills naturally (a 10-year-old has a better memory than a 5-year-old, for example) But for one in five kids, that necessary development doesn’t happen at the same rate as their peers.

Since schools are not tasked with developing these skills, what does that mean for the 20% that don’t develop at the same rate as their peers?  It means that they work harder to learn the same, or less, than their peers.  It means that they may feel inferior to their peers.  It means that they may give up more easily and they may come to believe that they are not as capable as their peers.  It means frustration, poor academic performance, tear-filled nights, and homework battles.

Many struggles (80%!) with learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills. At Metro Learning Solutions, we identify weak skills, then we target and strengthen those skills in a fun, challenging way.

When cognitive skills are strong, learning is faster and easier.

How are we Different than Tutoring?

One of the first questions we are asked is how brain training is different than tutoring.  They are two very different approaches to learning interventions.  From kindergarten to grad school, students periodically struggle because of one of two reasons. Tutoring solves one type of problem, cognitive development solves the other.

Tutoring is a resource for delivering or redelivering academic material and the goal is enhanced understanding of a subject or academic concept. Sometimes tutoring is just what is needed to help your student succeed. If that is the case, Metro Learning Solutions will tell you that.

Tutoring might be necessary if:

  • Your child is struggling as a result of absences due to prolonged illness or vacation
  • Your child is struggling as a result of moving to a new school with more rigorous academic standards or relocating frequently
  • Your child is struggling in a single class due to poor instruction (inexperienced or absent teacher)
  • Your child shows a special passion or gift, and you want someone knowledgeable in that subject to tutor your child at an advanced level
  • They are having difficulty in one, more advanced area; for example, they have always performed well in math but are having difficulty with a higher, college-level class while still in high school.

In other words, if you can identify outside circumstances that have interfered with the delivery of information to your child, hiring someone to redeliver that information makes a lot of sense.


Brain training is a good choice for those who:

  • Have received tutoring in subjects and continue to struggle month after month or year after year (Tutoring can be extra time with a teacher, peer, parent, etc.)
  • Struggle with multiple classes in school
  • Dislikes or struggles with reading
  • Struggle with reading comprehension
  • Need to work harder or longer than others to achieve good grades
  • Lacks confidence, says he feels “stupid”
  • Have chronically struggled in school or with tests

In other words, if your child needs to work harder and longer than his peers to learn the same information, there is another, deeper reason he is struggling.  Working harder and studying longer may get your child through a class or an assignment, but eventually, the academic workload will become too much and there simply won’t be enough time to get the grades or the degree of learning necessary to be successful.

We now have the ability to determine if a learning problem is due to a weak cognitive area.  We can now target and strengthen that area, giving your child an even playing field with which to learn.

Five Things Brain Training Can Do

1. Treats the Root Cause

Brain training strengthens the weak cognitive skills responsible for 80% of all reading and learning problems. While tutoring treats symptoms, Metro Learning Solutions finds and addresses the cause. 

2. Applies to Other Areas of Life 

Better thinking skills aren’t just about grades. They improve how you drive a car, perform athletically, and handle daily tasks. After brain training, our clients say they think faster, learn easier, pay attention longer and remember better in every area of life.

3. Costs Less 

Brain training is seven times more effective than tutoring, for less than half the price and in less than half the time! In fact, the largest study ever done on reading tutoring revealed that a year’s worth of tutoring results in one to four months gain in reading skills. But MLS delivers 2.9 years of reading gains in just 72 hours of one on one brain training.

4. Provides Transferable Gains

Brain training improves learning and thinking in every subject and grade from now on. (Compare this to hiring tutors for multiple classes, or paying for tutoring year after year.)

5. Gets Unmatched and Permanent Results

We measure the cognitive skills of every client before training, after training, and, when possible, a year later. Our results can be measured scientifically, they are dramatic, and they are long-lasting. No other program today can match the results we get.

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